The Drifting Self: a novella

| January 16, 2015


The Drifting Self: a novella

Imagine one day you decide to take a different path, depart from your routine, follow your most primitive instincts. Where would this lead you?

The Drifting Self is a memorable and captivating narrative. One morning, for no apparent reason, a middle-aged, happily married college professor decides to take a different exit while driving to work. That simple turn, and the story that unfolds, take him and the reader on a journey that touches some of the most essential human issues. It teaches us about the balance between the free, inquisitive self and the “civilized” individual, restricted by norms and conventions.

The novella speaks to every reader’s heart. After all, who has never been tempted to, one day, take a different turn in life?


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