Imperfect Rose (Patrick’s Garden Book 1)

| January 16, 2015


Imperfect Rose (Patrick's Garden Book 1)

Romance fans will be drawn to this new series. Book one in the Patrick’s Garden series is entitled Imperfect Rose. It’s a story that will touch your heart with potent relationships that reinforce the importance of family and friendships.

Rose MacRae, partner of an up and coming New York firm specializing in corporate mergers, is proud of the new life and identity she has created for herself in the big city. She can barely remember the little girl she left behind who was referred to as the ‘ugly duckling’ of the MacRaes.

When Rose learns her boyfriend isn’t going to propose as planned, she decides to make a long overdue trip back to Texas. She arrives home to find some young guy has moved into their childhood home, the family business is in shambles and her mother is in the hospital with a head injury, thinking the year is 1983.

Now with a mother who wants nothing to do with the family business nor with her four daughters, Rose must find a way to lead her family through the storm. In the process of helping their mother recreate her memories, family secrets and betrayals are revealed that force Rose to admit that she never really knew her mother, her sisters and even herself.


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