The Shee: Mad, bad and deadly to know

| January 19, 2015


The Shee: Mad, bad and deadly to know

Award-winning, bestselling author, Paula Clamp, brings you her first young adult novel. The Shee is a paranormal romance for those who like their heroines feisty, reckless and kick-ass.

Finn lives in the sleepy seaside town of Whiterock with her grandma, where she has to contend with the surfer dudes in the summer and the retirees in the winter. Life here is pretty boring, Finn is not.

Since before she can remember, Finn has been unusual: when she cries the noise is painful, frightening, eerie and most disturbing of all…she dreams of death.

Based on authentic Celtic mythology, Finn is a reluctant heroine in the mythical and dangerous world of the Shee.

She is torn between her feelings for her mortal best-friend and her pre-destined supernatural lover.

Praise for Paula Clamp’s previous novels:

‘Written with insightful genius’

Sunday World

‘Leads the reader into a web of deceit, intrigue and passion’

Sunday Mirror



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