Cheater: Love. Addiction. Unbridled Devotion. (A Sweetwater Vampire Novel Book 1)

| January 19, 2015


Cheater: Love. Addiction. Unbridled Devotion. (A Sweetwater Vampire Novel Book 1)

‘Both heartwarming and heartbreaking.’

‘A testament to the immortality of love and loss.’

‘Uniquely entertaining and sensual – with a compelling twist. A must-read to the end.’

’Chick-Lit with Vampires’.

’Quirky, Fun, and Sensual with a Shocking Twist’.

Juliet Ross, stay-at-home mom, is caught between two worlds. One with lovers and vampires, and the other with people who just plain suck.

By day, Juliet feels shackled to life as an ordinary suburbanite, enduring her mother-in-law’s extreme housekeeping endeavors, smiling through torturous gossip in her best friend’s Mom’s Club, and concocting (hopefully) irreproachable snacks for the ‘Snack-Mom’ in her son’s toddler soccer program. By night, she is compelled by dark addictions, alluring escapes from her seemingly vapid life, with cravings that only the most salacious paramours and deadly vampires can satisfy.

Cheating on life and love is liberating, but each thrilling tryst comes at a devastating price. When her illicit obsessions threaten to drain everything else dry, Juliet must face the unthinkable, discovering nothing is what it seemed…

‘It was amazing that even with how much I had experienced, and with the spirit of the Immortal in my veins and the fresh passion of stolen kisses in my heart, I would bother to tether any part of my sense of self-worth to Lisa’s approval of my toddler snack-making capabilities. The lives of the living were petty. It was a simple fact.

I knew I should probably rise above it.

Or not.’

    • Book 1 in The Nephilim Series


  • A Sweetwater Vampire Novel



Gina Balogh is a wife, mother of two, yoga addict, vampire lore enthusiast, scholar of biblical apocrypha, Rutgers graduate with degrees in Biomathematics and Religion, former career scientist, and superfan of contemporary fantasy series True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.

Cheater is a quirky and sinful composition of chick-lit, romance, and adult vampire series, juxtaposing emotional inspiration from the worlds of best sellers Nicholas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella, Charlaine Harris, Stephanie Meyer and Anne Rice.


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