Shelf Help – The Complete Guide To Self-Publishing

| January 20, 2015


Shelf Help - The Complete Guide To Self-Publishing

“The first truly comprehensive, honest, objective guide to publishing I’ve seen” – Polly Courtney

Confused and bamboozled by the wide world of self-publishing? Written a book but have no idea how to get it onto shelves? Disillusioned by traditional publishing and want something better? Well, you’re in the right place. Shelf Help is the brand new and comprehensive guide to becoming a professional indie author.

This handy little pocket guide will tell you in great detail exactly how to go from manuscript to royalty cheque. With Shelf Help, you’ll learn how to self-publish the DIY way – retaining all your rights, royalties, and utter creative control whilst keeping it cheap, quick, and above all, professional.

So whether it’s cover design that’s foxed you, or eBooks that give you a headache, self-publishing consultant Ben Galley has the answers.

Also featuring interviews with best-selling authors and self-publishing gurus: Hugh Howey, Joanna Penn, and Polly Courtney.



– A History of Publishing

– The Rise of Self-Publishing


– Why you need to edit your book

– Sourcing a professional editor

– Using beta readers

– How to get a great cover design

– eBook formatting

– Blurbs, copyrights, and tables of contents

– Typesetting for print



– Metadata and book pricing

– Print on demand (POD) printing

– Bulk and offset printing

– eBook publishing and distribution

– KDP and KWL

– Smashwords and BookBaby


– Introduction to marketing

– Organic and active marketing

– The marketing funnel

– Websites

– Social media

– Reviews

– Email marketing

– Content marketing

– Merchandise

– Signings and events

– Paid advertising

– Pricing, giveaways, and competitions


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