17 Minute Workouts for Fat Burning (Fit Expert Series – Book 17)

| April 18, 2013


17 Minute Workouts for Fat Burning - Quick & Effective Total Body Workouts for Faster Fat Loss (Fit Expert Series)

Quick & Effective Total Body Workouts for Faster Fat Loss

Do you want to get in seriously great shape?

You want to lose weight / burn fat and improve the way your body looks without having to use up too much of your free time, right?

I mean there are ton of books out there that can show you ways of how to burn fat and lose weight, etc.

But, how many of them have no fluff advice that will reveal a number of ways to do the same thing but with just 17 minutes of training?

Yes it is possible!

Follow the right training program for just 17 minutes and you will train your body to become a fat burning furnace.

You will notice the first results within a week and over time gradually strip the fat from those loose, flabby areas to finally reveal some muscle tone.

How much toning, shaping and fat burning depends on your determination, persistence with the exercises and nutrition.

Of course your genetics play a role too but even if you feel you haven’t been blessed with good genes you will still see a major improvement in how you look and how you feel.

If it is important for you to better yourself physically and mentally then you can make time for these routines.

17 minutes is all you need.

What this book provides you with are the tools to change how you look:

  • Cutting-edge workout and nutritional advice which will help you burn more calories per minute than typical workouts.
  • You’ll pack more training into these 17 minute programs than most people do in the standard 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.
  • The information is direct and to the point to save time and the actual programs are super-efficient.
  • You will not waste time going through un-necessary exercises. You will use a handful of the right moves to change your body composition.
  • Your body will begin to burn fat efficiently even long after the 17 minutes are up. Your resting metabolic rate will increase which means keeping unwanted weight at bay even during rest. There will be less time spent working out which means more time for you doing things besides exercising.
  • These quick workout programs will help deplete your body of bad sugars rather than muscle.
  • You will end your 17 minute exercises on a high which will help get through the rest of the day with less effort.

There are many more benefits to quick workouts. You can discover them for yourself.

Each chapter in this book features a different fitness professional who presents their ways of helping you achieve your body sculpting goals with step by step instructions.

Can you spare 17 minutes a day?


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