The Assassin’s List (The Adam Drake series Book 1)

| January 21, 2015


The Assassin's List (The Adam Drake series Book 1)

THE ASSASSIN’S LIST is book one in the Adam Drake series – a headline-current thriller about homegrown jihadist assassins and a timid, PC correct government. An assassination of the Secretary of Homeland Security is planned. Adam Drake, an attorney with Special Forces training and experience, uncovers the plot while investigating the murder of a client’s secretary. When the FBI won’t act on his suspicions, Drake takes on a well-funded terrorist sleeper cell, posing as an international security service, to head off a string of assassinations on a long list of America’s VIP’s. THE ASSASSIN’S LIST is a fast-paced counter terrorism thriller that will satisfy your craving for action and make you think about terrorists living among us.


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