The Most Ferocious of Creatures

| January 22, 2015


The Most Ferocious of Creatures

The Most Ferocious of Creatures is a humorous and exciting story (with illustrations!) for young minded people, as well as grumpy, old adults.

Mrs Lambsbottom wakes up one morning and accidentally douses a mouse with milk, unwittingly creating the most ferocious of creatures. She decides to rid her home of the terrible beast but Mrs Lambsbottom is not the most mentally stable of characters. Neither is the cat that she brings home from ‘Meow’s Cat Shelter for the criminally insane’. All the ingredients mix together ensuring a stupendously silly story satisfyingly stuffed with suitable story related things and, er, stuff.

Packed full of funny pieces of incredibly relevant information, although perhaps not always factual, The Most Ferocious of Creatures will have you smiling. If not, it will try as hard as a book trapped inside your kindle can.

‘Mrs Lambsbottom was quick on her long and pointy feet when her eyes captured the image of the red-eyed, crazed, and foaming at the mouth mouse charging ferociously up the table leg straight towards her. For an awfully tall and wickedly wide person she was ever so nimble. She leapt from the table and landed on the shockingly hard floor with all the grace a one legged fish might have, if such an animal ever existed. She may have been ever so nimble but she was blatantly far from graceful.’

This updated version is a smaller file. Smaller file = smaller price. Smaller price + The Most Ferocious of Creatures = one happy shopper!*

*this is not a guarantee – some people are just too grumpy to please.


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