50 Years Young – Womens Health, Fitness & Life Guide (Fit Expert Series – Book 13)

| April 18, 2013


50 Years Young - Exercises & Advice to help you to be Healthy, Fit & Sexy at 50 (Fit Expert Series)

Are you 50+ years old?

Discover How to Improve your Overall Appearance!

Maybe you would like to develop smoother glowing skin, add bounce in your hair, straighten your posture, improve strength, increase stamina, sharpen your mind, build confidence, look and feel 10 or more years younger!

At age 50 who wouldn’t want that?

During these middle years a lot of changes happen within a woman’s body and mind. This is perfectly normal; however you still need to take notice of those changes.

If you want to better yourself physically and mentally now is the time to do so.

In this book, “50 Years Young”, you will discover ways of slowing down the aging process through exercise as well as learning the best ways to stay in balance with your life.

The health and fitness professionals in each of the chapters have provided their most valuable information for you to follow.

Each chapter features a new expert who offers advice, tips and tricks within their special field regarding health and fitness for middle aged women.

Everything you need to know about looking and feeling your best at 50 is right here within these pages.

The easy to follow step by step instructions will delve into many topics including:

  • How to stay flexible. An effective and safe flexibility training program will help improve physical performance, reduces aches, pains and risks of injury, improves posture and coordination.
  • How to choose the right foods that are healthier for your body to help with fat control and to work with, rather than against, your digestive system and metabolism.
  • How to be the best you can be by following a few simple tips that will help you to understand if there are areas of your life that may need adjusting.
  • How to work on your mindset to see things in a more manageable perspective to help you understand changes such as menopause.
  • How to maintain a good figure, stay fit, healthy and looking young by working through the easy to follow exercises provided.

The book even has some personal accounts of how middle aged women have used fitness to help them through adversity and tough times when they were not happy with their appearance.

Here is the list of contributors to this book:

  • Elaine Jesmer
  • Suzanna McGee
  • Lisa R. Thornton, MS, MBA
  • Dr. Stacy Mobley NMD, MPH
  • Lisa Bahar, MA., LMFT, LPCC
  • Denise Martin
  • Eric Pelz
  • Darlene Nelson



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