Croker Diaries: Justice Be Mine

| January 22, 2015


Croker Diaries:  Justice Be Mine (The Croker Diaries Book 1)

Re-edited as of May 21, 2014.

Craving a legal thriller to satisfy your “who done it” curiosity! The first book in the Croker Diaries series, Croker Diaries: Justice Be Mine goes beyond you typical criminal legal thriller into a unique world of the law, with all the suspense and twists, up to the very end.

Ryan Croker loved the law. As a child, he dreamed of someday standing in a court of law arguing his case. After barely getting through law school, Ryan, a man of little confidence, never imagined he would pass the California Bar. Then on that magical day in November, a letter arrived stating those 12 words all law school graduates wanted to read, “I’m pleased to inform you that you have passed the California Bar”. The Croker Diaries are born.

Ryan soon launches his own private practice,assembling a legal team of friends, who quickly learns how competitive it is in Los Angeles area. After several months of struggling, The Law of Ryan Croker take on a sexual harassment case against a large corporation, nobody else wanted. Not only is Ryan introduced to the word of litigation, but has to go against one of the premier attorneys in Los Angeles.

As Ryan and his legal team navigate, their way through the sexual harassment suit, they quickly discover the suit is a facade for something much larger and sinister.

Justice Be Mine takes the reader on a legal roller coaster of twist and turns, with a rookie attorney facing a plethora of insurmountable odds.


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