The Secrets of Shepard’s Woods (Shepard’s Series Book 1)

| January 23, 2015


The Secrets of Shepard's Woods (Shepard's Series Book 1)

The Secrets of Shepard’s Woods is the story of Audrey, a young woman who moves down south to help her grandmother recover from surgery. Audrey works in the canning factory by day but her nights soon become filled with suspense after she learns that the woods near her house are haunted and filled with secrets that she longs to uncover.

Hold your breath as Audrey walks on the “wrong side of the fence” and share her wonder as she marvels at the mysterious, disappearing church.

She may need your prayers as she brushes shoulders with the spirits of the dead but her biggest obstacles will still be ahead of her.

Preacher Man, the reportedly deceased property owner of Shepard’s Woods, must be confronted before Audrey can make any headway into the mystery of the church. Will he allow her to uncover the mysterious secrets or will he refuse to let her on his property? Can she convince him that she is mature enough to help him conquer his demons?

In the midst of trying to convince Preacher Man to accept her help, Audrey learns that her Granny’s house is haunted and contains a Secret Room that no one can enter (except the dead). Should she ignore the Secret Room like her Granny says or should she try to figure out the mystery behind it?

Come along for the journey and watch as Audrey discovers the secrets, excitement, and heart-felt warmth of small town living.


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