The Fingers of the Colossus: Ten Short Stories

| January 27, 2015


The Fingers of the Colossus: Ten Short Stories

From the author of the Amazon #1 Post-Apocalyptic series The Oasis of Filth comes a new collection of ten short stories of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and revenge. From the silent depths of outer space to the deadly depths of Alaska’s icy waters, from the fantastical city of Atys to the gritty city of New York, these ten intense tales are mind-bending and heart-pounding! Includes a prequel to The Oasis of Filth!

  • The Space Between – A routine mining mission to deep space encounters tragedy in the tiniest of forms: a micrometeoroid.
  • The Last – Disoriented and lost on an alien shore, Johannessen discovers that even the faintest touch can spell doom.
  • The Vacancy of Dreams – Hank’s new world gives him little to live for. Until he meets Janine. A prequel to The Oasis of Filth.
  • Black Fire – Of all the mages, Huldrych was, by far, the least respected, and for one simple reason: he was incapable of producing black fire.
  • All That You Know is Lost and Abandoned – Even the guilty can have an innocent conversation.
  • Tilting – In the frigid waters off Kodiak, Alaska, a man can lose himself. Or be lost.
  • The Fingers of the Colossus – Failure is not an option for a colonel in the Queen’s forces, even when an entire planet may be against him.
  • Time in Time – Some things never truly disappear.
  • Have a Seat by the Fire – Angela Vengaza sits in a small house in the middle of nowhere on a mountainside, hoping to hold on for an hour.
  • Walking on the Spot – A grandfather and grandson, like mirrors through time, debate fate before taking an important journey.

Reader Reviews

    • A virtuoso performance


  • Powerful – knocked my socks off! I had tears in my eyes.



  • Each story ends leaving you wanting a little bit more!




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