Make A Wish!

| January 27, 2015


Make A Wish!

His uncle’s death prompts strange behavior in Jeff’s father. Only after his father also dies does Jeff find an answer, but he doesn’t like it: a genie. She’s his problem now, and upset that he’s reluctant to use his wishes. Jeff’s uncle seemed to utilize her gifts well, but his father went mad.

While trying to sidestep her irrational tantrums and bizarre mood swings, Jeff learns about why Galila was banished to be a genie so long ago and the guilt that plagues her. And eventually he finds himself daring to make a wish that may be disastrous for them both.

**For those familiar with “Be Careful What You Wish For” this answers questions you might have. “Make A Wish!” has more genie-mischief than the first book, but the romance is more subtle. Be patient and enjoy the fun.**

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