Children’s book: The Fudges – Who Hopped In My Swamp? (Happy family collection)

| January 27, 2015


Children's book: The Fudges - Who Hopped In My Swamp? (Happy family collection)

If you have children – you can’t afford to skip this book series!

This series was created especially for you and your family. It deals with some important issues from the family everyday life that concern all of us. With great illustrations and some humor, we talk about issues such as Possessiveness, Sibling rivalry, Anger, Tiredness of parents etc. Using the cute monsters family “The Fudges”, you and your child can develop empathy and learn about the legitimacy of your feelings. You can also see and identify with the solution of the characters to the sometimes-difficult situations.

Big cody is the eldest son of this very cute monsters family – The Fudges. One day he wakes up and finds out that someone has messed with his favorite spot… his swamp! He gets angry and decides to find the intruder no matter what… he is angry with everybody! He will show them! But guess what? This anger makes him feel lonely and unhappy. What will Big Cody do with his feelings? Will he ever find friends to play with?

Little kids can be very possessive about their belongings. They will do almost anything to keep them out of touch to anybody else… this causes sometimes anger, misery or loneliness…how to deal with such feelings? What is the magic key to happiness? Read this beautifully illustrated book and find out..

The writer, a former kindergarten teacher, is sharing her 18 years of experience with you. This is also a valuable lesson for grownups.

The great educational series “The Fudges” tells about a green monsters family with 3 children. Each book concentrates on one of the family members – Mammy Tummy, Daddy Doo, Big Cody, Kima and baby Kevin, and their issues. The lovely illustrated books deal with one issue at a time and give a humorous and heart-touching perspective to the everyday matters that bother all of us. All issues end happily and give a great lesson.

Be prepared to laugh and cry. See that you are not alone in your troubles. Learn how they can be solved and create a happier and healthier family.


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