The Inheritance Challenge

| January 28, 2015


The Inheritance Challenge

Dean Williams is 24 years old and has the chance to become an overnight millionaire when his best friend dies and names him as the main beneficiary in his will. But there’s a catch. To get his hands on the money Dean has to complete a series of challenges and unfortunately his recently deceased friend had a twisted sense of humour. Without revealing his ulterior motive Dean needs to persuade his friends to join him in completing each challenge. As the challenges become increasingly outrageous Dean will need to decide exactly how far he’s prepared to go to get his hands on the money.

The Inheritance Challenge is a hilarious, fast paced, laugh-out-loud novel that follows the antics and exploits of group of twenty-something friends in modern day London. The challenges present Dean and his friends with a myriad of moral and ethical dilemmas as the storyline builds in intensity to a thrilling grand finale.

This book will definitely have you asking yourself – How far would I go to get rich? Maybe it’s further than you think….


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