Maid of Honor: A Novel of Betrayal and Suspense

| January 29, 2015


Maid of Honor: A Novel of Betrayal and Suspense

John King’s second novel, Maid of Honor, is a tale of questionable love, big money, and betrayal.

Ben Taylor was having the time of his life in college. He was young, popular, and handsome. When he receives a letter from a strange girl admonishing him for publicly snubbing her after being introduced, he is puzzled. He doesn’t recognize her name. Who is this woman, Paige Montgomery? He seeks her out, and so begins an intense relationship founded on callow selfish desire–a relationship that will lead to marriage, wealth, stature, and ultimately heartbreak, betrayal, and murder.

Maid of Honor is narrated by the young Ben. In his eyes, he is not a calculating opportunist who marries the frumpy, but adoring, Paige for her money. He is as much a victim as she. And who is Evelyn, Paige’s beautiful cousin, maid of honor, and archrival? Is she paying for her wild lifestyle as the trapped wife of a violent abusive criminal? Is she worthy of rescue?

Maid of Honor is a suspense thriller and love story that climbs to a great height only to come crashing down in a frantic shattering end.

John King is also the author of Blackjack 21 Stories, Hat Trick 3 Novellas, and The Big Mouth A Novel.


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