Second Chance: A Noah Chance Mystery

| January 29, 2015


Second Chance: A Noah Chance Mystery

“You stop one and they’ll send another… and another. If you get in their way, they will out-man you, out-gun you. Arrest them, kill them, they don’t care, so long as they accomplish their ends. And right now, they’re looking for me!”

Someone is killing off a group of high-end call girls. The first victim, Aubrey O’Brien, was an informant working on a standard background check for Los Angeles private investigator Noah Chance. Her death is a personal loss for Chance and he vows to bring the guilty party to justice. Because of his unique relationship to the deceased, Chance is brought onto a police task force looking into the homicides. He uses the opportunity to mend his reputation within the law enforcement community. But when the FBI gets involved, Chance is constantly frustrated by team conflicts and limitations while the killer moves about with impunity. Fed up with teamwork, Chance takes matters into his own hands, only to find that his second chance at redemption will be tested and his moral stance brought into question when the killer sets his sights on Chance’s beloved partner, Vicky.


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