Jessie Slaymaker’s Rules of Engagement (The Jessie Slaymaker Series Book 2)

| January 30, 2015


Jessie Slaymaker's Rules of Engagement (The Jessie Slaymaker Series Book 2)

In Jack Davenport, Jessie Slaymaker has finally snagged the man of her dreams. And with the crazy ups and downs of the past several months behind her, she’s now ready to embark on the next great new chapter of her life. She and Jack have decided to move together to exotic Hong Kong, where an exciting new job with a huge promotion awaits her—and where, she is confident, she and Jack will live together in blissful harmony.

But life is rarely so simple, and somehow things never come easy for Jessie Slaymaker. When she arrives in Hong Kong, she finds her dream job has already been taken, her boyfriend comes down with chickenpox, and worst of all, Jack’s ex—the conniving, ruthless Sonia Shum—is still scheming to come between her and Jack.

As Sonia’s manipulations grow ever more dangerous, Jessie will need every ounce of both her brains and her charms to hang on to her man… and perhaps even save his life.


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