Lady Oak Abroad (The Audrey O’Krane Chronicles Book 1)

| January 31, 2015


Lady Oak Abroad (The Audrey O'Krane Chronicles Book 1)

A comic, cosmic, coming of age adventure.

The first year of the new millennium has not been kind to Audrey. She’s been dumped, expelled, and run over by a bus. She firmly believes her personal life, along with the entire planet Earth, is damaged beyond all hope of redemption. She jumps at the chance to escape both when her loony old aunt goes missing from her front yard. Her search for her aunt takes her across the magical Migrara and many other worlds that overlap our own. But the universe is not the epic amusement park she thought it would be. In fact, it’s kind of a mess. As Audrey blunders through the magical and political minefields of worldhopping, she picks up a motley crew of companions; the mysterious outlaw mage Keirt, the treacherous Prince Nicholas, and the overzealous warrior woman Latiana. But no one is what they seem—not Aunt Ellen, not even the adorable little girl who lives down the block from Audrey. Even the beautiful world of Migrara hides a terrifying secret that might destroy everything Audrey holds dear. With this much pressure, she certainly doesn’t need the added complication of a romantic entanglement with the quirky Keirt. Unfortunately, Impulse Control hasn’t been very reliable lately. Fortunately, Audrey has powerful new magic to help her cope. Unfortunately, the local psychotic power mongers have learned of her magic and will stop at nothing to cross “Kidnap and exploit Audrey O’Krane” off their To Do lists…

Whether you’re thirteen or thirty-three, you’ll love the chaotic adventures of the irrepressible Audrey O’Krane.


Thud. The sounds of the struggle ceased. Kelly had run up behind Latiana and with a piece of driftwood added a lump to the warrior’s skull.

“She’s always pouncing on people,” Kelly said indignantly. “It’s no fair. She’s bigger than everybody.”

She snatched a key from Latiana’s belt and opened the manacles. Keirt staggered to his feet and disappeared. I don’t mean he ran away; I mean he actually vanished before our eyes. I gave a yelp of surprise.

Latiana heaved herself up from the ground, her golden eyes narrowed in anger, and loomed Godzilla-like over us. Kelly looked up at her and wisely burst into tears.

“Did you see that?” I asked, throwing Latiana a diversion. “Did he teleport, or what?”

“He has gone nowhere. He bends the light around himself so we can’t see him.” Latiana drew her ivory sword and hacked vigorously in all directions, impressing Kelly right out of her tears.

“I’m sorry about the hair pulling, Latiana,” I said. She was more than a little scary, and she scratched herself in rude places, but when she wasn’t trying to maim people, I found her strangely likeable.

“And I’m sorry if I injured you just now, Audrey, but it was foolish to engage me in battle. I am a trained warrior and you’re but a clumsy little gawkling who hasn’t even grown a full bosom yet.”

Okay, maybe likable was too strong a word…

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