Heroes in a World Reborn (The Mind Trips of SCAM Book 1)

| January 31, 2015


Heroes in a World Reborn (The Mind Trips of SCAM Book 1)

The First Of Its Kind! Interactive Hybrid Of Fantasy Fiction And Music!

Heroes in a World Reborn is the first book in The Mind Trips of SCAM series from the creative mind of Nathan Ritter.

Join Max and Rob, two 7th grade boys, as they enter into a journey of the mind through the mysterious power of an old record player found in Uncle Lou’s garage. Feel what they feel as they fight against nefarious forces to save a beautiful world filled with spirits and talking animals. Let the music paint the world for you and open your heart to new emotions as you join Max and Rob in this new form of hybrid fiction.

This book is sure to wow as you discover the power of fusing the emotional pull of music on the soul with a story of fantastical adventure and wonder.


  • Short, Rapid-Paced Adventure



  • Interactive Mix of Reading and Listening to Music



  • Brand New Series…More On The Way


Don’t just read it…EXPERIENCE it!

Scroll up and get your copy now!


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