Jessica Gets Lucky

| February 3, 2015


Jessica Gets Lucky

ABNA Expert Reviewers raving: “Fresh and timely subject for this book plot and irreverent writing style……humor…interesting commentary… so many laugh out loud moments… Passages come out of the blue but are explosive with truths. Priceless… Deadly accurate… After all the truth is the truth… the angst of adolescence… Well thought out and well delivered… Real twists on real life happenings that help make your words relatable.” “Jessica is a likable every teen. She’s a great main character.” “Insightful and funny… Great pacing…” “SURE TO BE A BEST SELLER!”Jessica is fifteen, and about to embark on an adventure with her beloved journalist dad that will lead her to the doorstep of immortality itself. But wouldn’t you know – it’s complicated. The Fountain of Youth that holds the promise of ever-after is owned by a pair of billionaire brothers on an island off west central Florida. Black militants and a gaggle of youth-obsessed Reality TV stars have recently discovered the existence of the Magic Water. A pair of Kanye West/Kim Kardashian – clones, owners of a vast media empire of Reality Entertainment, have their own reasons for snatching control of the brothers’ island and its eternal resource. Jessica arrives with her dad on the island to interview the brothers, who turn out to be beautiful nerds, just as the struggle for ownership of the Magic Water approaches a bloody climax. JESSICA GETS LUCKY provides a sharp satirical vision of prevalent American cultural absurdities as well as a comic take on the current state of social issues in our nation. Everybody loves a happy ending, and by the novel’s conclusion, Jessica learns a crucial lesson: That there is more than one way in this life to truly get lucky.


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