Dancing in the Rain

| February 4, 2015


Dancing in the Rain

After the unfortunate death of her father, Bella Westbrook leaves home against her will to support her mother and crippled sister. Bella soon finds herself awestruck with the magnificence of Biltmore Estate, a castle nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Darby Pierson, a forestry scholar at Biltmore Forest School, learns that his position as class president may be in jeopardy because of his limp. Once he discovers Bella’s desire to see the handicapped recover, he meets her faithfully on the terrace for therapy.

More than just a healing takes place. Bella finds the walls of heart breaking down and Darby’s uneven gait is now smooth, but the rain has just begun. Darby’s dream becomes reality when he is offered a position as a forester in Pennsylvania.

Is their love for one another strong enough to withstand the storm they face? Will they dance in the rain in the midst of their storm?


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