Miss Lynn, My Delusional Mother: A memoir of a woman who was controlling

| February 5, 2015


Miss Lynn, My Delusional Mother: A memoir of a woman who was controlling, manipulative and deceptive in our family business and personal lives.

“So powerful…I was captivated…You wrote it beautifully.”

Meet Miss Lynn. Talented. Ahead of her time. Hard working. Good looking. Seems like you’d have to go a ways to mess up your life with all that going for you, but she did. Over and over again.

To Miss Lynn, she was always right. To Miss Lynn, it was always someone else’s fault. To Miss Lynn, there were two kinds of people, Miss Lynn and everybody else. Only she possessed The Truth, her reality prevailed: “I’m all right, the world’s all wrong.”

One fine example was the time all of the money (worth over 1.5 million dollars) went missing from the family business. Miss Lynn? “Don’t you dare blame me. I am a business woman. If money is missing, you probably stole it. Besides, it was my money.” “Peasant.” (Implied)

This is a woman who refused to take “no” for an answer and was, in many ways, years ahead of her time; who destroyed her most intimate relationships over imagined wrongs. She squandered her talent and potential by choosing greed and self-interest over her business, employees, and friends. And son.

Miss Lynn had one child, her son Andy, who looked out for her his entire life. Yet her most beloved and cherished companion since she invented him more than 50 years ago was David, who existed only in Miss Lynn World, and yet remained real to her until the day she died.

Take a Look Inside.


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