In the Shadow of Angels (The Shadow’s Throne Book 1)

| February 6, 2015


In the Shadow of Angels (The Shadow's Throne Book 1)

From the instant Homicide Detective Ellie Brooks steps foot onto the gruesome crime scene of Steven Patterson the Third, she unwittingly crosses over into a hidden world, a shadowy realm where a fallen Angel’s killing spree has already set events in motion designed to herald humanity’s demise.

Step by step as she unravels the clues left in the maniacal killer’s wake, her destiny becomes intertwined with that of Abdiel, an Angel of Justice dispatched to Earth to hunt down his fallen brother.

Together they must journey across the globe in their desperate quest to stop the ancient evil from achieving its sinister goal.

This gritty science fiction thriller juxtaposes contemporary real-life events such as the 2011 London Riots, with forensic techniques and angelic folklore to create a unique and captivating story that will leave you guessing until the very end


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