Cowboy Crock Pot Cooking: Real Old West Cowboy Chow Easily Cooked in Your Crock Pot

| February 7, 2015


Cowboy Crock Pot Cooking: Real Old West Cowboy Chow Easily Cooked in Your Crock Pot

5 stars “Cowboy wisdom, cowboy speak, cowboy etiquette and lots of humor…. Absolutely recommended!” M McDonald

5 stars “This is a great recipe book that includes tasty, easy to make recipes, along with a lot of fun information about cowboys and their history…” Katie W.

5 stars “I loved the Cowboy Crock Pot Cooking cookbook by Brent Younger as his writing is wonderful and his recipes sound pretty good too. You will find some nifty introductions and history included with his cookbook.” Penmouse (Top 500 reviewer)

Brent Younger has taken some of the old recipes that he has come across from the late 1800s and early 1900s and up-dated them for today’s kitchen (along with a few newer ones too) and created COWBOY CROCK POT COOKING. Some of these recipes would have been rustled up by “Cookie” on cattle drives and a lot of them were regular fare on the ranch. Back then, the stew pot was one of the most important items in the kitchen. Nowadays, we have the crock pot.

The cowboy diet was a wholesome diet. People worked long and hard; no-one cared about calories or low fat, so don’t expect to see that here. Meats would have been tougher than we’re used to – animals weren’t pumped up with hormones and fed stuff they were never meant to eat – and slow cooking would have been the best way to make a meal tender. That said, cooking in a crock pot today is a good way to save some money because you can use cheaper cuts of meat and still enjoy a really delicious and hearty meal.

Try Pot Rustler’s Stew, Quick and Easy Cowpoke Chicken, or live a little dangerously and go for Old Fart Baked Beans.


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