Snuffy and Vroom-Vroom: A Tale of Courage, Magic and Love for Children of All Ages

| February 9, 2015


Snuffy and Vroom-Vroom: A Tale of Courage, Magic and Love for Children of All Ages: Children's book: preschool, ages 6-8, childrens books that read to you, picture books

An adorable little vacuum cleaner’s life is turned upside down when his beloved brother is purchased–and he’s left behind at the store. Just when his heartbreak seems too much to bear, a magical friend arrives. She breaks the spell of sadness and sets in motion a chain of events that cause a surprising serendipity!

This book is beautifully illustrated with 16 full-color illustrations by award-winning artist Sheila McGraw, illustrator of the children’s classic Love You Forever. Suitable for boys and girls, age 3-7, bedtime stories, reading aloud and beginner readers.

“Our daughters are 4 and 6 and this is one of their favorite books! Sure to be a classic. Love the illustrations by the master Sheila McGraw!” ~ Dad in Los Angeles

“I totally love this book. Such a sweet, fun story infused with profound lessons life lessons for kids and grown up kids alike.” ~ Holly B. Reeves

“Really, really cute! A very special little book. This could become a children’s classic. Your kids will love this!” ~ Sandy Jones

A book your child will love with a great story, characters and masterful illustrations!

The Story of the Book

by Elizabeth Lavine

A few years ago, I spent an entire day in a garage-turned-playroom with a small child. I had agreed to amuse her, entertain her, babysit her while her parents were both ill with the flu. What did she want to play? Dress up? Dolls? Coloring books? Paints? No—she wanted stories—not stories from books, but made-up stories. She sat on my lap and pointed to one object after another, each time saying, “Tell me a story about that.”

I told stories about ping pong balls, a mini-trampoline, a little pink bicycle, a box of computer mice, a lemon tree and a clay pot full of wooden spoons. Finally, she pointed to a vacuum cleaner standing in a corner, broken and waiting to be repaired. “Poor little vacuum cleaner,” she said. “He’s lonely all by himself.”

I wondered–perhaps he was lonely. But how could he find a life rich in friendship and good cheer again, as his life must once have been? Who or what would inspire him and re-kindle his natural love of life and self-esteem?

As I began telling the story, what had really happened to the vacuum cleaner—and what WOULD happen—revealed itself in my consciousness, clear as a bell; the story of a little vacuum cleaner, who performs one selfless act of redemption—and who’s life turns instantly magical.

I offer this story to you for your enjoyment in the hopes it will amuse and inspire you as much as it has me and many others, from 3-year-old children to grumpy old men. You may smile, laugh or cry—but without doubt, you will be touched.

Why is Snuffy and Vroom-Vroom a good choice for your child?

• It will help build your child’s self-esteem and model heartfelt values such as creativity, kindness and patience.

• It will give your child solace if they’ve ever missed a friend or loved one.

• It models the values of loyalty and kindness to family members and how to extend that kindness in all areas of home life.

• And it shows through a delightful story how anyone can create strength from sadness—instead of allowing it to remain as a dark cloud.

Sheila McGraw has also illustrated and/or written several best-selling children’s picture books. “Love You Forever” went on to become a children’s classic with more than 20 million in print and number one on the New York Times Bestseller list.

I searched for over two years for just the right illustrator. The one thing I required above all else from an artist was that they love the the characters as much as my grandchildren and I did. Ms. McGraw’s illustrations are above and beyond anything I could have wished for!

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