Exit Ruinland: Ruinland Omnibus

| February 9, 2015


Exit Ruinland: Ruinland Omnibus

Beautiful and impoverished, Lauren Vasquez joined the United States military in her youth. She never expected to witness the destruction of Earth. In the year 2131, nuclear and chemical war fueled by religion obliterates all of civilization. Trapped in underground bunkers Lauren and other survivors face homicidal artificial intelligence and fabricated metal assassins who police their new dystopian reality. An unplanned pregnancy by a sociopath further complicates her situation and Lauren will do whatever it takes to protect her unborn child. She holds on to the dream that her baby will not be formed with the emptiness of the father. Explore a possible future of human and synthetic beings as Vasquez enters, survives, and fights to find an exit from the ruined land. You will question the existence of gods and embrace the dreams of androids. This is a dark and emotional story about the mystery of life, the finality of death, and the struggle to find hope in a devastated world.


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