Kiss the Witch Goodbye: A Nick Gibson Novel

| February 10, 2015


Kiss the Witch Goodbye: A Nick Gibson Novel

From Bestselling Paranormal Mystery writer Lisa Olsen

Product Description

A visit from his past conjures trouble between Sgt. Nick Gibson and his pretty witch, Annaliese, as he tries to balance police work with premonition.

Kiss the Witch Goodbye draws us into the gritty world of rock with a local band that’s hit it big. But with fame comes misfortune, as someone is killing their fans and the evidence points to lead singer, Jax May. Ready to defend her old boyfriend with her last breath, Annaliese champions Jax’s innocence – despite the fact that he’s experiencing frightening blackouts and missing time. FBI Agent Natalie Fox is closer to the case than she’d like to let on, and does her best to convince Nick of the singer’s guilt.

Is Jax simply a local boy made good or a vicious killer?

Will Nick choose cold hard facts or rely on his instincts to guide him to the truth? Will Annaliese be able to use her special talents to prove Jax innocent and find the real killer before it’s too late? As more victims surface, the truth might be darker than either of them believe possible.

Editorial Review

All our old favorites are back, Sergeant Nick Gibson and his team, Annaliese Cross and her witchy friends, and I especially enjoyed reading about how their relationships have deepened over the year since the first book took place. Nick’s daughter Veronica stole every scene she was in, and it was great to see her getting involved in the case.

We’ve also got some new characters, Special Agent Natalie Fox (or Special Agent Foxy as Nick likes to think of her) is there to cause a little trouble between Nick and Annaliese, barging her way into the investigation and his personal life with equal bluntness. As if that wasn’t enough friction, Nick’s also got to contend with Anna’s ex – rock star Jax May who is “dark and dangerous, and very, very sexy”, and just possibly a serial killer. With Agent Fox bending Nick’s ear and Annaliese’s devotion to her old friend, they find themselves on opposite sides of the investigation. Love them or hate them, they certainly muddy the waters of this murder mystery and kept me on my toes whenever I thought I had this one figured out. No one is what they appear to be, and there is a darker explanation for the murders than at first glance.

As usual, Ms. Olsen delivers a taut crime procedural peppered with the supernatural, offering as much character development as she does drama. She’s light handed with the magical touches, keeping it on the believable side rather than going for a lot of flash. This is another stand alone mystery, enough of the loose ends wrapped up to be satisfying, while leaving the door open for another in the series. You don’t have to have read Pretty Witches All in a Row before you pick this one up, but there were definite spoilers to the first book in this one, so if you’re going to read them both, best to start with that one first.


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