The River (Tony Leach Book 2)

| February 11, 2015


The River (Tony Leach Book 2)

Minnesota game warden Tony Leach is back in the action-packed follow-up to Albert’s debut novel, Two Shots.

As an idyllic summer unfolds, trouble comes calling under a star-drenched sky. First, there’s a report of invasive fish that threaten the very essence of northern Minnesota, and then the DNR commissioner’s daughter turns up dead. But as Leach works to determine what’s what, the body count continues to rise and higher-ups within his own agency turn up the heat on him and do their best to sideline him.

As the situation intensifies and a sordid portrait emerges, Leach finds loyalties crushed under the weight of sex, money and power. It’s nearly impossible to get a handle on constantly shifting alliances, but if he fails to do so, Leach knows he’s as good as dead.


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