Beginnings: (Series #1, Episodes 1-2) (The Grid)

| February 11, 2015


Beginnings: (Series #1, Episodes 1-2) (The Grid)

When former FBI Special Agent, Kevin McEllis, feels humanity is tail spinning out of control, he takes matters into his own hands. After a stint with the Bureau and becoming reinstated, he sets out on a journey to recruit a select few for his just cause.

Amongst his unorthodox crew? A klutzy Federal agent with a set of obsolete skills and a medial desk job. A 20-something outcast, banned from the University for cyber related crimes. A former soldier discharged for reasons unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, but kept masked underneath his gritty demeanor. The two most hesitant, however? McEllis’s own niece, Loren, nomadic by nature and with a militant past of her own. Finally, a stubborn and emotionally fueled alcoholic with a distinct set of investigating skills Agent McEllis couldn’t possibly refuse.

Together, the dysfunctional band of crime-fighters tackle unique cases pushed aside by other government agencies. These include, but aren’t limited to; crooked doctors, arrogant government agents, human traffickers, child abductors, mercenaries, pimps, drug cartels, hacking aficionados and more.

While trying to tolerate one another, the group grapples onto the idea of a better living for not only themselves, but the world. Will the selflessness in each of them prevail? Will their emotions get the better of the rocky group? Will anything be changed at all?


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