Mind Over Memory: A Simple, Actionable Guide

| February 12, 2015


Mind Over Memory: A Simple, Actionable Guide to a Healthy Body, a Healthy Mind and Overall Memory Improvement

How often have you wished that you were better able to remember details or experiences and then apply these memories to the task at hand? Don’t you hate the feeling of drawing ‘a blank’ at a critical moment, after hours of studying, or research? Do you often struggle to keep up with long-winded lecturers, let alone recall what has been said?

When you are able to recall pertinent knowledge to solve a problem, come up with a new idea or answer a complex question, you are skillfully applying your memory. There is no such thing as “poor” memory. The real issue is whether we have a trained, or an untrained memory. Most of us use only a fraction of our memory capability. The way we improve our memory is not by improving intelligence or mental capacity, but by actively applying fundamental principles of memory improvement and using a variety of memory techniques and systems similar to those presented in this book.

Like any other skill that we acquire, to improve our memory capabilities we have to learn and develop various methods and techniques, and practice them until it becomes second nature!

What you will learn from this book;

    • Brief insight into the intricacies of the human brain,


  • The ‘roots’ of memory systems, general principles and how memory is defined,



  • Practical strategies to ‘kill’ stress and ‘cure’ your mind,



  • How, and why a healthy body and diet leads to a healthy mind,



  • Skillfully applying your memory by practicing proven memory improvement methods and techniques;



  • The Art of Interest and Attention,



  • The importance of a positive mindset,



  • Understanding where ideas come from, and therefore releasing your inner creative genius,



  • Mirroring the way your brain works through the use of learning maps,



  • Correct keyword identification for better recall,



  • How to easily remember names and numbers,



  • And among others, the unlimited powers of Visualization and Association, which will teach you how to remember and embed large chunks of information that will easily be available for recall.




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