The Society of Orion: Book Two: Recovery

| February 12, 2015


The Society of Orion: Book Two: Recovery

What are the powers of the Orion talismans?

The hunt for the Orion weapons starts with Loni Chen and Colton Banyon as they drive for Hamburg, Germany to retrieve the Time talisman. Banyon has recently discovered that Albin Wilk, the head of the Society of Orion is a fake. He and Loni plan a deception and send Wilk on a wild goose chase as they double-back and go after another talisman.

Meanwhile, Banyon has deployed several people from Dewey & Beatem to protect The Magic Belt talisman which is located in Wisconsin. It is in the hands of a former adversary. They soon discover that a band of mercenaries is headed there and the people on the scene must defend the talisman from a murderous assault. Several people die.

Banyon discovers that Wilk has sent mercenaries after each talisman. Banyon must set up a defense for each one while speeding along a highway in the dead of night. He is hampered by the limitations of his spirit mentor, but soon uncovers a much deeper plot. Wilk plans to sell the talismans to the North Koreans. It was all scheduled to happen in the Banyon Arcades in three days.

He begins to put his own plan in place. He intends to set everything right. But he soon discovers further complications, and he is running out of time.


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