A Reasonable Suspect: A Novel Inspired by Actual Events

| February 12, 2015


A Reasonable Suspect: A Novel Inspired by Actual Events

Inspired by actual events occurring over a period of forty years, A Reasonable Suspect is a disturbing account of abuse, official cover-up and murder in a small town.

When a thirteen-year-old girl is found murdered outside an adult video store, Sheriff Ed Dojcsak expects it to be an open and shut case; after all, in a town of less than ten thousand off-season residents how many child killers could there possibly be?

But while the possibilities are limited the list of reasonable suspects is not. Children are natural born victims, the canvas upon which big people are capable and only too willing to project their anger, frustration, humiliation and fear: anyone might have reason to kill a child or no reason at all.

Now, to save the children of Church Falls, Ed Dojcsak must reclaim a dark past to which he himself feels only remotely connected and in the process risk destroying the lives of many, including his own.


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