Who’s Afraid Now: A Royal Military Police short story

| February 13, 2015


Who's Afraid Now: A Royal Military Police short story (Royal Military Police crime thriller and mystery series Book 1)

From the military mystery, thriller and crime bestselling author Wendy Cartmell comes a Sgt Billy Williams short story.

Don’t get mad – get even!
One thing SIB Detective Sgt Billy Williams has learned from his time in the British Army is respect. So he gets really mad when he sees a handful of kids treating his mum and dad and their neighbours without any. When he sees an opportunity of giving them a taste of their own medicine, well, he just can’t resist the challenge.
Can Billy help with his own brand of vigilante justice? Or do his family just have to make the best of things?

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Praise for the Sgt Major Crane novels:
‘A pretty extraordinary talent’ – Best Selling Crime Thrillers.
‘This is genre fiction at its best, suspense that rivets and a mystery that keeps you guessing.’ – A R Symmonds on Goodreads


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