The Power of Positive Action: 61 Simple Actions That Will Bring You Happiness

| February 14, 2015


The Power of Positive Action: 61 Simple Actions That Will Bring You Happiness

Actions For a Positive Lifestyle

There are many books out there about positive thinking, but what about positive action? Where is the playbook for a lifestyle of positive activities and positive results?

This book, The Power of Positive Action: 61 Simple Actions That Will Bring You Happiness, is just that! This book introduces the axiom of Positive Action.

What is a Positive Action?

A Positive Action is any simple thing which you can do to make your life happier!

There are many types of Positive Actions and this book is about universal positive actions: actions which anyone can do. This book breaks down Positive Actions into 7 categories.

Categories of Positive Action

The categories of Positive Action in this book are:

â—‹ Mental Category (8 actions)

â—‹ Social Category (9 actions)

â—‹ Organizational Category (11 actions)

â—‹ Physical Category (10 actions)

â—‹ Creative Category (10 actions)

â—‹ Altruistic Category (5 actions)

â—‹ Spiritual Category (8 actions)

Positivity Life Hacks and Life Coaching

Each section of the book contains both the Positive Actions and some tips about how to put the Positive Actions into effect in your life.

Be Positive, Act Positive

This book is informational, inspirational, and motivational. Develop a positive mental attitude through Positive Actions. A Positive Action can be done in an hour – a week – or a year. Positive Actions are open-ended.

Interpret and implement Positive Actions as you choose!

Seven Example Positive Actions

Here are seven actions from this book so that you can get a preview of what you are going to see.

Mental Category: Take up a Hobby (Action #3)

Social Category: Throw a Party (Action #13)

Organizational Category: Manage your Money (Action #24)

Physical Category: Set a Fitness Goal (Action #37)

Creative Category: DIY – Do it Yourself (Action #40)

Altruistic Category: Share a Skill (Action #53)

Spiritual Category: Meditate (Action #56)

Start Doing Positive Actions Today!

This book is designed so that you can put it down at any time and jump into a Positive Action. As soon as your start reading the book, you can begin your Positive Action Journey! Start doing Positive Actions and become a Positive Actor today.


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