Chasing Happy (Chasing Happy Trilogy Book 1)

| February 14, 2015


Chasing Happy (Chasing Happy Trilogy Book 1)

Have you ever had to choose between a relationship and something you’ve dreamed about your whole life?

That is the dilemma twenty-three-year-old Kieran Taylor unexpectedly finds herself in, and she’s not entirely sure how she got there. Deep down she knows that her violent and controlling boyfriend, Darren, is not the one for her and she quickly regrets choosing him.

Trapped in a dead-end job and relationship, Kieran finds temporary solace in the arms of her first love, Joshua, who reappears after five years, though his return reopens old wounds.

Confused and determined to be free of her painful past and pitiful present, Kieran goes on holiday to Greece where she meets the handsome Romeo. Unable to resist the temptation of romance and adventure, Kieran allows this perfect stranger to sweep her off her unsuspecting feet.

Romeo, however, is not all he portrays and learning the truth leads Kieran on a downward spiral of destruction. One big secret leads to an even bigger heartbreak – one she did not see coming, and it changes her life forever.


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