A Night in the Manx Museum

| April 23, 2013


A Night in the Manx Museum

Enter a magical world today!

Visit the Manx Museum in the beautiful Isle of Man

Ellen falls asleep in the Manx Museum and is left behind when the curators go home.

She wakes to find herself surrounded by ghostly people who only come alive when the Museum is closed.

One by one Ellen visits the exhibits and the people tell her wonderful stories and take her on adventures.

In the Museum, Ellen meets:

  • Manannan, the scary god of the sea
  • Rumpy, a tailless Manx cat, who causes lots of trouble
  • Monarch, the great deer who gives her a ride back to the Ice Age
  • Ragna, the pagan lady, who tells her about the battle of Clontarf
  • Mrs. Teare, who helped to foil the ship wreckers

˃˃˃ The book is suitable for readers aged 7+ but has been read and enjoyed by children in Year One (5-6 year olds)

˃˃˃ The book has ignited an interest in the past for my class – aged 5 – 6.

Class Teacher

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