Racked (A Lt. Jack Daniels / Nicholas Colt mystery)

| February 17, 2015


Racked (A Lt. Jack Daniels / Nicholas Colt mystery)

A private investigator, a police lieutenant, and a man wearing a Bugs Bunny mask walk into a bar…

Unfortunately, it’s no joke when Bugsy rigs the barrel of a twelve-gauge pump to the back of the bartender’s neck.

Together for the first time in this explosive, lightning-paced tale of greed, betrayal, and blood-soaked terror (not really, but it’s a fast-paced and funny mystery-thriller), Florida PI Nicholas Colt (Crosscut, Key Death) and Chicago cop Jacqueline Daniels (Whiskey Sour, Shaken) team up to stop the robber before another shotgun shell gets RACKED.

Racked is an 8000 word story, about 50 pages long. Colt and Daniels also appear together in the full length novel LADY 52.


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