Learn to Swim (even if you are terrified)

| April 24, 2013


Learn to Swim: Even if You are Terrified (Swimming Book 1)

Amazon Best-seller since May 2013.

A must for those who want to swim but are too scared to start.

A complete swimming course for the terrified beginner. Aimed at adult non-swimmers, it can also be used with children under supervision.

Please note that this book does not contain illustrations.

The author is a qualified Life Coach and Swimming Teacher who specialises in teaching terrified beginners. The first part of the book takes you through setting realistic goals, methods and making arrangements.

The course itself starts with water confidence in the privacy of your own home, followed by a series of gentle exercises in the swimming pool. You are firmly in the driving seat. The aim is for you to find the course do-able and enjoyable.

Fear has no place here, neither does blame or criticism.

The author teaches the elements of this course to junior school pupils and adults every week. She has observed how powerful empowering the learner actually is. She has been humbled by suddenly seeing students overcome their fears and taking off.

Please note: this book does not contain illustrations.

The book includes:

  • Goal setting and preparation
  • Water confidence
  • Floating with and without swimming aids
  • Swimming on your back
  • Swimming on your front

˃˃˃ Michele says “seeing the joy on a non-swimmer’s face, when they complete their first width, is like drinking the finest champagne.”

Non-Swimmers Should Not Pass Up This Book!”


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