Past Judgment (An Emma Harrison Mystery Book 1)

| February 20, 2015


Your mother has been kidnapped. And it’s your fault.
Ex-soldier and convicted murderer, Leroy Carter, has always claimed that he is innocent. Whilst being transferred to Dartmoor Prison, the van is involved in an accident and he makes a bid for freedom.
With clues scarce, Prison Governor Emma Harrison realises the key to finding the prisoner she befriended lies in his background. But when a desperate Emma reaches out to Sgt Billy Williams for help, she has to face the man who despised her actions during a train hijack.
As they race around the country tracking Leroy down, can they find him before he makes Emma’s mother his next victim? 

Can they prove a convicted murderer’s innocence, in order to negotiate her release?

The first book in a new series from the bestselling, crime, thriller and mystery author of the Sgt Major Crane novels. 
‘Highly recommended both book and author’ Kevin Dilks 
The beginning of another great series from Cartmell! M A Stanley
A very relevant reflection of our society E L Lindley

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