Our Human Experience: Principles for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

| February 21, 2015


Our Human Experience: Principles for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth (Spiritual Awakening: Consciousness and Awareness)

Upgrade Your Life To A New Consciousness And A Peaceful Way Of Living

Empower Yourself By Investing In Your Own Personal Development And Spiritual Awareness

If you want to introduce changes in your life to get the results you aspire, but are still unsure how or where to begin, I will share with you how to:

Become Aware Of The Consciousness In You

In the rush of our everyday life we hardly stop to think about the deeper existential questions. As a result of our disconnection we allow the autopilot to direct the course of events that leads us to greater dissatisfaction and alienation. Learn here how to be the only main leading character in the story of your life and to embark on a journey of spiritual awakening.

Change Your Reality And Manifest The Life You Want

By developing a conscious spiritual awareness and engaging in a consistent mindful practice, much like the suggestions approached in the book, you are introducing in your life the foundations for a more harmonious, happy and fulfilling living. So start now to take back the control of your dreams.

Set Your Goals And Actually Achieve Them

In spite of our good intentions, sometimes we fall short in following through with our ideas or plans. Recognizing the importance of establishing well-defined goals and outlining a structured course of action brings us that much closer to manifesting the reality we envision. By resorting to a few simple steps, of the proposed plan of action in this book, we are certain to achieve whatever we set our minds to.

Be In Tune With Your Energy And In Alignment With Your Higher Self

Bring out the humanity of your spiritual existence. Personal development is an important factor for the evolving nature of our species. Learn how you can tailor your personality into a better human being and discover the potential of your Higher Self. Develop your spirituality without religion and make your way into spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

Break Free From Your Own Limiting Patterns Of Conduct And Thought

Discover how you can grow and evolve out of your old patterns of conduct and thought. Break free from the looping cycles of discontentment, disruption, misery and unresourceful states to make way to new resourceful states that will direct your life into the abundance it deserves.

Be A Vehicle Of Change In The World

You know that the world has an immeasurable potential to evolve and become our idyllic paradise if people awake to the intrinsic spiritual nature of their life. Proclaiming togetherness and promoting words of peace, harmony and unconditional love for all living organisms is one of the many ways we can help our human experience evolve into a fulfilling and purposeful spiritual existence.

This Book Presents The Basic Concepts You Will Need In Order To Live A More Fulfilling, Meaningful And Purposeful Life!

Containing numerous tips and straightforward exercises that you can easily implement, this book was conceived considering the practical applications of spirituality into the demanding modern day life!

KICKSTART QUIZ: Is This Book For Me?

– Do you have an honest desire to improve yourself and leave a positive imprint on the world?

– Are you sure you have what it takes to make the necessary changes in your life?

– Are you brave enough to follow your own path of self-discovery and awareness?

– Are you determined to break free from your old patterns and challenge yourself to a new worldview, divergent from the presently conveyed one?

If you answered positively to the questions above, then CONGRATULATIONS, THIS BOOK IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Scroll up and grab your copy today!


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