Afterworld: The Orion Rezner Chronicles Book 1

| February 23, 2015


Afterworld: The Orion Rezner Chronicles Book 1

From the Author of the Amazon Best-selling Fantasy series Legends of Agora.

Influenced by the works of Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, and Charlaine Harris. The Orion Rezner Chronicles is a paranormal urban fantasy set in the post-apocalyptic future. With its mix of humor, heart thumping action, and a unique magic system, blended with technology and old world lore, it is sure to please anyone looking for their fantasy fix.

In his first week as a wizard, Orion Rezner faces demons, witches, possessed mothers, and road warriors. Thank god beer survived the Apocalypse.

Seven years have passed since the Culling of 2033 which killed most of the world’s population. Vampires, werewolves, and demons have begun to emerge from the shadows, and they are hungry. Boston, one of the last vestiges of humanity, is protected by a spell shield created by the Wizard Council. The shield is the only thing keeping the city safe.

Having studied the Craft for two years at Harvard Witchcraft and Wizardry, Orion Rezner embarks on his final rite of passage. But his first mission outside the city walls forces him to make choices he wasn’t prepared for. Narrowly avoiding possession by an ancient demon, he learns of a plot to destroy the spell shield and expose its survivors to the horrors outside.

Suspected by the wizard council of having been compromised by the encounter, Orion is unable to convince them of the danger. With the help of his closest friends, Orion sets out on a desperate quest to thwart the demon’s plan any way he can.


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