Farm Girl

| April 13, 2013


5 star review “Excellent Children’s Story”

This is another fantastic heartwarming children’s story by Samantha Foster.

The story is wonderful as well as the colorful illustrations.

Young Kathryn, ‘Kaity,’ always wants to please people; but growing up in the country on a farm, she didn’t have very many playmates. So she would play with the animals. She would gallop like a pony, moo like a cow, and whiny like a horse.
She could even make the sheep laugh.
Kaity grew and grew and was very gifted at school making people of all ages laugh and smile.

But, a time of sadness comes too…(but don’t worry, good things happen in the end!)

This is one of the better children’s books I’ve read as I believe children will feel their emotions build and then sag. They’ll learn a very great lesson of caring and kindness and how it will warm their hearts, just like Kaity. Great job, Samantha Foster!


Farm Books for Kids: Farm Girl.

Kathryn Elizabeth is a young girl growing up on a farm. She doesn’t have any playmates save for the animals who she imitates. Her talents and sense of humor wins her over many friends at school until one day when she sees a clown and becomes entranced.
Her life has changed and everyone calls her Kaity the Clown when she’s wearing her makeup while entertaining friends or visiting the local hospital.

Then one day Kaity becomes sick and the doctors do not know what to do until the local fair comes to town.

“Farm Girl” is an uplifting, joyful children’s book that celebrates the wondrous power of giving. Kathryn Elizabeth herself is a simply enchanting creation that children will love and adults can relate.

Having a special person like “Kaity the Clown” in our lives helps us all feel better about who we are and what we can do to give joy and love to others. This is a very special book that’s perfect for the child in all of us.

“All you need in the world is love and laughter. That’s all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other.” August Wilson

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