How to Win at Life & Love: The 14 Step Guide

| February 25, 2015


How to Win at Life & Love: The 14 Step Guide on How to Attract, Win and Keep the Partner of Your Dreams

Are you frustrated that you haven’t been able to find the love of your life?

Perhaps you feel a nagging fear that time is passing by and, if things don’t get better, you might end up alone or settling for the wrong partner?

If so, you’ve probably also noticed that these worries affect other areas of your life as well, making it even more vital to find a solution.

Trust me – I know exactly what this is like, because I was there. I was managing world-class tennis players, dating many women, and living a seemingly great life. Yet I knew I was fooling the world and myself, as something within me simply did not allow me to engage in lasting, meaningful relationships. At the age of 33, when another relationship ended as quickly as it had begun, I vowed that I would not only find the love of my life, but that others wouldn’t have to go through the same frustrations.

Finding the partner of our dreams is our birthright, and a necessity to living a fulfilled life.

This was the beginning of a journey that started with learning what makes some athletes so much more successful than others, and ended with finding my soul mate and dream partner.

The solution to our problems lies in the thoughts and beliefs we have in our heads, most of which we aren’t even aware of. These thoughts work like programs that run our lives. And unless we change these programs, we will experience the same results over and over again, no matter how much we try to achieve better results on a surface level.

How to Win at Life & Love will not only give you a blueprint of how to attract your dream partner, but also help you develop the thought patterns that will allow you to prosper in your relationships and your career. These steps have helped me enjoy the most fulfilling, loving, and joyful relationship I could have imagined, and they have also helped some of my closest friends prosper in their lives.

Now, this book is here to help give you the exact road map that you need.

Remember, your time is precious. In fact it’s the most precious resource that you have. Don’t waste more time going through life on your own – learn how to become the person who will attract the partner of your dreams.

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