Long Time Dying – Long Time Dying Private Investigator Crime Thriller

| February 26, 2015


Long Time Dying - Long Time Dying Private Investigator Crime Thriller series book 3 (Long Time Dying Series)

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Mystery, danger, suspense and nerve-shredding action…

It’s 2014. Private Detective Eva Roberts is foot loose and fancy free. Life couldn’t be better. So when old boss Devon Parker asks Eva to help ex-lover, Dan Bradley, she’s less than ecstatic. But Dan is so broken Eva can’t refuse.

Devon Parker believes Dan is on a list of people targeted by a hardened villain. Dan believes he is being persecuted by Russian mobster Victor Marka. Eva just thinks Dan could be insane.

But as other victims fall Eva learns the mysterious list could actually be real. Such knowledge leaves serious questions: How long before the enemy strikes Dan? Can Eva and Dan uncover the mastermind behind the list? And can Eva see through the lies before it’s too late?

For some it’s a long time dying. For others, it’s quick and bloody. Only performing at their peak can save Dan from the fate they dread. But with so much trouble between them, Eva and Dan seem doomed from the start…

***This book is not a standalone novel. To truly enjoy the page turning thrills, you will need to read the following books in the series!***

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Series list – in reading order

1. Out With A Bang

2. One Mile Deep

3. Long Time Dying

4. Never Back Down

5. Crossing The Line

6. Divide and Rule

7. Better The Devil


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