Camp Expert (Abby’s Camp Days Book 1)

| February 26, 2015


Camp Expert (Abby's Camp Days Book 1)

Welcome to Camp Spirit: summer camp, s’mores, cabins, camp counselors, canoeing, devotions, and gimp. Follow Abby’s Camp Days from her first week as a nine-year-old “camp expert” all the way through her graduation from high school camp. Set in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula with a cast of charming Yooper characters. . .

Camp Expert

Abby’s Camp Days:

Volume 1

Most kids feel nervous when they go off to summer camp by themselves for the first time. Not Abby Riley. At the age of nine, she’s already a church camp expert, having tagged along every summer with her pastor father, who runs the week for junior-high-aged kids in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is the summer Abby has been waiting for, the summer she finally gets to be a “real” camper at elementary camp instead of just her dad’s guest.

But when Abby gets to camp, she discovers that life as an elementary camper is nothing like hanging out at camp as a dean’s kid. Elementary camp is full of rules, rules, and more rules! She has to follow a strict schedule, swim only in the shallow, roped-off area, and share a tiny cabin with a bunch of strangers. Worst of all, the counselors and campers at elementary camp are all new faces—none of the camp friends she already knows. She can’t even complain to her best friend Carin about camp because Carin is in love with both camp and their cute, seventeen-year-old counselor.

What Abby really wants to do, for the first time in her camp life, is pack her suitcase and go home, but she decides that she needs to stay and change things at this strange elementary camp. Will Abby change camp, or will camp change her?


“A great gift for kids preparing for their first week of summer camp – this is a manual for success at camp disguised in a compelling story!”

—Church camp counselor


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