Thriller: The Lake Murders

| March 1, 2015


Thriller: The Lake Murders (Murder, Darkness, Suspense, Thriller, Twisted Plot, Mystery, Investigate, Loneliness, Shocking, Fear, Alone, Mysterious)

Thriller:The Lake Murders

Thriller 1: The Boy who was a Disappointment

When James Alexander is found dead in a frozen lake near his parents vacation lodge, the hunt is on for his killer. Detective Hernandez is hot on the trail, though things are always complex with rich folk. Talking to the boy’s parents, Hernandez forms an opinion as to who is the guilty party. Will public opinion clearly on his side sway the case against the accused?

The characters within this story are judged, not only on their moral values, but upon their guilt in many different directions. Follow the thrills and spills as the story uncovers who murdered James Alexander. Was it the servants? A stranger? Was it one of his family?

On a cold winter’s morning, the life of a child becomes cheap and that’s when public opinion jumps in to the rescue. Together with evidence gathered at the scene of the crime, will Hernandez bring the killer to justice?

Thriller 2:Twisted Truths

When two couples go away on vacation, something happens which brings friendships to an end. The events which befall Janice on that vacation will follow her the rest of her life. However, justice does not seem to be on her side, at least not until she makes a discovery which changes the way that the legal system looks at her case.

Having lost her husband, Janice is visiting the lake area where he drowned and reminiscing about the husband so cruelly taken from her. Ideas fill her head about how to get justice to come to the true conclusion.

In fact, words spoken by her lawyer spur her on to not giving up on finding out the truth and having it known. Against the backdrop of broken dreams, broken friendships and broken belief in life, will she be able to bring the killer of her husband to justice? It’s a hard road to take though one which leads through unexpected places.

Thriller 3: The Murder of Jenny

When the lake is given its ten yearly dredging for the protection of the environment and the wildlife in the area, a shock awaits the environmentalists who discover a body. The body has been weighted down into the lake for over ten years, and the grim discovery begins an investigation.

The Carrington house, nearby, is the nearest residence to the placement of the body. Will Jules Carrington be found to be connected with the murder? Will his story of past regrets reveal the reason for the death? Detectives have their work cut out for them in discovering the history behind the body in the lake.

This history also changes people’s perceptions of what happened to Jenny. While being written off by her family as thoughtless, it now seems that her disappearance was not as clear cut as anyone had thought. Who killed Jenny and what could possibly have been gained by her murder?

Thriller 4:Leroy’s Initiation

When Leroy is asked to take an initiation task on by the local gang leader, he is nervous about it but knows that it’s the only way that he can help his mom and sister out of a life of poverty and hard work. His mom’s shift work keeps her away from having any fun out of life. She is always tired and since there is no alimony coming in, she needs to work.

The ten year old child just wants something more for his family. Winston, the gang leader, drives Leroy down to a lake area where the initiation test is to take place. Will he pass the test? Will he learn from the experience?

Only readers can find out through the chapters of the book, though there are twists of fate that lead Leroy into making important decisions about his future. Does he have to become part of the gang and go along with their wishes or can he find a way where he can gain what he needs without them? Time will tell.

Thriller 5: Executive Games (BONUS)



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