Zentangle: The Ultimate Guide to Understand and Create Amazing Patterns and Shapes

| March 1, 2015


Zentangle: The Ultimate Guide to Understand and Create Amazing Patterns and Shapes (Zentagle For Beginners, Zentangle Books, Zentangle Patterns, Zentangle ... rts and Crafts, Creativity, Graphic Design)

Do you want to create amazing patterns and shapes while you improve your creativity and concentration?

This book is a wonderful beginner’s introduction into the world of Zentangle, a geometrical form of art. This form of art is found by many to provide a sense of comfort. Some people find themselves in an almost meditative state when doing Zentangle art projects. Others see it as a healing art, helping us to gain more insight and focus; allowing us to see the single tree in the forest so to speak.

Zentangle is a tool that can help us become more in tune with our immediate surroundings, looking at things in a whole new way “the Zentangle way!” In this book you will be given a more in depth explanation of what Zentangle art is, an introduction into different types of designs, with some samples of Zentangle beginners’ designs to try. If you are in search of a hobby that will fill you with peace and calm then I suggest you read my Zentangle guidebook for beginners. Start allowing your creative side to excel today by learning Zentangle art!

Why would you want to download this book?

You should take the time to read this book especially if you are someone who is looking for a way to relax while releasing your creative side. Many of us work in jobs that are not allowing us to use our creative side much.

Taking up Zentangle art will be an inexpensive way of releasing your creative side, while you gain a sense of calm and comfort from doing it. It can prove to be a great outlet for you when you need to take a break from the daily stresses of every day life. Why not treat yourself to this wonderful way for you to enjoy some quality time with yourself. Learn to reconnect with yourself through the use of the Zentangle Method. You deserve a break from the toils life bestows upon you. Why not sit down with paper and pencil and allow your creative juices to flow, express them through Zentangle art!

Here is what you’ll learn with this book:

  • Chapter 1 – What is Zentangle?
  • Chapter 2 – Learning the Zentangle Method
  • Chapter 3 – Creating a Zentangle
  • Chapter 4 – Collection of Simple Zentangle Designs
  • Chapter 5 – Zentangle Unplanned
  • Chapter 6 – Exchange a Bad Habit for a Good Habit
  • Chapter 7 – Zentangle designs
  • Much, much more!

Are you ready to get started?

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