How to Write Your Nonfiction Book Fast

| March 2, 2015


How to Write Your Nonfiction Book Fast: And make it your business calling card

Struggling to grow your business?

In “Write your nonfiction book fast and make it your business calling card” Frankie of the Frankie Johnnie writing team shows you her easy step-by-step system to write high quality nonfiction books fast that open wide doors of opportunities.

It’s the same formula she has used to ghostwrite, or ghost co-write (with Johnnie) hundreds of books for clients through online sites and independently. The books she’s written or co-written have become hot new releases and best sellers in their respective categories.

Frankie will show you why writing a book is the new business card.

Whatever business or work you do; life coach, landscaper, electrician, magician, counselor, lawyer, soap maker, baker, financial adviser, plumber, personal trainer, social media expert, pet care store owner, restaurateur, or hairstylist. Or whatever you mission: evangelize your social cause, teach people how to do something; how to outsource, freelance, network at a conference, how to cook healthy meals in a crockpot. Or whatever your purpose; help someone overcome procrastination, help them improve their life – an authority book can help the reader and the author.

Inside Frankie shows you how to get a complete book down onto the page in 10 days and how to hit publish a few weeks later blasting open the door to your dreams.

Frankie shows you how to become an author without being a writer by creating a book that establishes your competency in your field, boost your credibility, gets leads, gets you hired for a job, extends your network, pays you to speak, helps you sell your products or services, helps you teach people how to do something or helps you show off your expertise, and create wealth and fame and so much more.

This book is NOT an extended sales pitch to try to get you to buy products or services. Instead it teaches you how to successfully enter the new self-publishing universe where everyone from business professionals to everyday people are discovering that writing a book is the new business card.

People toss out or never look at a business card, but they’ll look at your book.

In this easy to read book written in a conversational manner Frankie shares her writing journey stories, while showing you how to write a book in 1 – 2 – 3 easy steps in 10 days or less, and then how to hit publish just a few weeks later.

She shares expertise with easy – to – follow instructions and by sharing her personal story.

Would you like to know more? Don’t let fear keep you stuck..

Download this book now and blast open the doors to level up your life.



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