Tent City

| March 3, 2015


Tent City

The starvation that followed the locust invasion nearly decimated the human population. Now five years later, America’s citizens are faced with a choice. Send their children to safety camps designed to rebuild the human race or fight back.

Dani Campbell, a shy dreamer, lives out her days on a South Dakota farm running away from a devastating past. Dani and her family work hard to stay under the radar and out of the way of the new totalitarian government. They dutifully cooperate as their crops are stolen and their liberties disappear.

But that was before The Council’s newest order. Unable to accept her fate, Dani decides it’s finally time to do something. Driven by her refusal to hand over her brother to the government, Dani makes the only choice she can. Will it be enough to survive?

Tent City is a dystopian novel that takes place in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Part survival, part coming of age with a dash of romance, Tent City asks, what lengths would you go to in order to ensure the survival of the ones you love?

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